Kansas Human Rights Commission

Title Graphic-Meet the Executive Director


Ruth Glover, KHRC Executive Director

Ruth Glover, Executive Director      

Thank you for taking the time to visit the web site of the Kansas Human Rights Commission. We appreciate your interest in human rights and hope that you will find our web site informative.

The great technology highway has afforded us a valuable opportunity to reach a greater number of people with our message. The message is simply that discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations will not be tolerated in the State of Kansas. The employees of this agency believe in this message and work diligently to fulfill the agency's mission, that being the elimination and prevention of discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations across our great state.

Our agency has made great strides in both reducing our number of pending cases and the average processing time per case. In March  1995, KHRC had an open inventory of 2,768 cases, a record high for the agency, and a 22-month wait for a complainant to await investigation of his/her complaint.

This impressive improvement is attributed to a combination of statutory, procedural, and organizational changes and the addition of innovative programs, such as the Kansas Legal Services mediation project, investigator accountability and streamlining administrative procedures. The education program also serves as a proactive measure to reduce future complaints.

The Board of the Kansas Human Rights Commission selected Ruth Glover as the KHRC's Executive Director on April 11, 2014.  Ms. Glover previously served as the Acting Executive Director since December 6, 2013.  Prior to that, Ms. Glover was the KHRC's Assistant Director for nine years.  She was recognized as the Kansas Human Relations Association Member of the Year in 2008.  Ms. Glover is a graduate of Kansas State University and has served with various State of Kansas agencies.  She resides in Topeka with her family.