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About the Program

The Kansas Human Rights Commission operates a Public Information Program for the purpose of prevention and elimination of discriminatory activity in the State of Kansas.

The program attempts to achieve its purpose through providing cost-free presentations to private and public sector employers, non-profit organizations, college level courses, and for high school students, at the recipient’s request. 

Other key facets of the Public Information Program include the publication and distribution of booklets with the Kansas Act Against Discrimination (KAAD) and Kansas Age Discrimination in Employment Act (KADEA).  Furthermore, the Commission distributes individual posters, which outline the illegality of discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Employment posters are available in Spanish. Other publications include the Commission's Annual Report and its newsletter, Spectrum.

Presentation Topics





Annual Employment Law Seminar

Another component of the Commission's Public Information Program is the annual Employment Law Seminar, which is held in Topeka.  The seminar is generally held annually in November or December. The seminar is open to the public, although it is largely focused on the human resource professionals, the legal community and employers.    Speakers for the event primarily consist of experts in the field of anti-discrimination law who are invited by the Commission to give presentations. With the realization that other issues outside of the jurisdiction of the Commission are often related to its purpose, other agencies such as the U.S. Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have given presentations at past seminars. The seminar usually consists of two keynote lectures and several breakout sessions.


Presentation Descriptions

Kansas Human Rights Commission Overview
This presentation is often given in conjunction with other topics.  It focuses on the Kansas Act Against Discrimination (KAAD) and the role of the KHRC in eliminating and preventing discrimination within the State of Kansas.  An overview of the complaint process and statistics on the basis of complaints is provided.


Fair Housing: Where and How to Get Help
This presentation covers such information as the Fair Housing Act and other relevant housing law. This presentation can be tailored to landlords or tenant groups.

 Sexual Harassment
This presentation is designed to promote a common understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as ways to prevent it.  A variation of this presentation is also available that includes a video that deals with sexual harassment issues and scenarios.

 Inappropriate Behavior and the Inclusive Workplace

The presentation includes a definition of an inclusive workplace, a review of why an inclusive workplace is important, a discussion of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, and behavior that, although it does not meet the definition of harassment, is still inappropriate in the workplace.  Includes numerous examples of harassing behavior and inappropriate behavior.  Includes a video on sexual harassment.  Can include an optional quiz, acknowledgment of training form, or a video on diversity.

"Diversity: Food For Thought"
This training session includes a 20 minute video followed by a power point presentation that focuses on understanding diversity in the work place. Both the video and presentation provide thought provoking ideas on how individuals in areas of employment and business can benefit from gaining a better understanding of diversity.


"The Diversity Advantage: Food For Thought"
This presentation focuses on how supervisors can address issues of diversity in the workplace. This training session includes a 20 minute video followed by a power point presentation and is usually scheduled in conjunction with the "Diversity: Food For Thought" presentation.


Public Information Program Contact Information
Feel free to contact the Public Information Program for more information on events or to schedule a presentation. All presentations can be tailored to the particular needs of the organization requesting the program. You can call the main office in Topeka at (785) 296-3206.