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Kansas Legal Services

Kansas Legal Services, Inc. (KLS) was formed in 1978 to provide first class legal advice and representation to economically disadvantaged Kansas residents. Statistical reports for 2004 indicate that nearly 34,000 individuals were served by KLS.

One of the programs operated by Kansas Legal Services under its Alternative Dispute Resolution Services is the mediation program, Midland Mediation Services. Midland has three full-time mediators providing civil rights, employment, domestic and other mediation services throughout the state. They have offices in Topeka, Lawrence, and Wichita. Mediation services complement the work of Kansas Kansas Legal Services by providing a non-adversarial dispute resolution method for appropriate cases.

Kansas Legal Services contracts with the Kansas Human Rights Commission (KHRC) to offer voluntary mediation to disputing parties involved in employment, housing, and public accommodation complaints filed with the KHRC. Matching funds for this program are provided by the IOLTA or Interest on Lawyer Trust Account Program. The mediation process is independent of the KHRC, and in the event that the mediation fails or is declined by one of the parties, the case will proceed to the KHRC for full investigation.

In the event that a person feels that he or she could benefit from any of the services that are provided by Kansas Legal Services, they should contact them at their toll free client intake phone number, (800) 723-6953.

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